A step in a new direction

Sometimes baby steps are the hardest ones to take. While many folks feel that technology is a new frontier to be conquered, I have been more cautious in my approach. I often lurk on face book and twitter, noticing and thinking thoughts about others, but never really participating in the community except to “like” when I want someone to know I’ve seen the photos and heard the words offered. Then, I was challenged to take a more active approach to connecting with others. Someone said, “You have a voice and what better way to share your thoughts than for the whole world to hear?” Huh. The whole world? I accepted the challenge, and here is my first post: I’m finding my whole world voice in baby steps. Will anyone be listening? Do I have something valuable to share? Hello, whole world! My name is Jenn.


3 thoughts on “A step in a new direction

  1. It’s s big fat step in the right direction. I share the vulnerability, do I’ve opted to kind of remain anonymous. Not ready to say hey world my name is… And I have all these strong opinions and I teach your child 😁


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